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What exactly is a Republican State Committeeman anyway?

The Republican Party of Florida has clearly defined the duties and responsibilities of a State Committeeman and a State Committeewoman for each county. These officeholders serve as the essential link between the Florida Republican Executive Committee and their County Executive Committee. They are elected countywide during the first primary of a presidential election year and serve a four-year term. If elected to this office, I pledge to work diligently with and for the Monroe County Republican Executive Committee to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities outlined below.

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Act as a liaison between the state of Florida Republican Executive Committee and their County Executive Committee
  • Bring to the attention of the State Party activities within the county that may be deemed harmful to the Republican Party
  • Share all correspondence, including newsletters, information bulletins, etc. with the County Executive Committee
  • Serve as at-large members of the County Executive Committee
  • Report to the Republican State Party ongoing activity at the county level
  • Act as a spokesperson for the Republican Executive Committee if there is a unified message agreed upon by the County Executive Committee or the Republican Party of Florida
  • Assist and cooperate with the district chairperson, county chairperson, and Party field directors in promoting educational seminars, fundraising events, and caucuses
  • Help establish programs and policies for the Republican Party of Florida


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