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Michael Washam - The Conservative Choice!

For too long, the Monroe County Republican Party has been subverted by Republicans in name only, who support progressive causes and even privately and, disturbingly, openly endorse Democrat politicians for critical offices. This must change. We need a strong, unified Republican Party that stands for true conservative values and fights against the infiltration of leftist agendas.

As the owner of a highly successful technology company, I understand the importance of innovation, hard work, perseverance, and cultivating relationships to get things done. I will bring these qualities to my role as your State Committeeman. My experience in leadership and business will help me effectively represent you and ensure that our party remains committed to the conservative values we hold dear.

I promise to:

  • Champion True Conservative Values - I will advocate for policies and candidates that reflect our core Republican principles.
  • Stand Against Leftist Agendas - I will actively oppose any efforts to subvert our party from within and fight against the influence of radical Democrat politicians.
  • Promote and Grow the Party - I will work to have clear and transparent communication with our members and promote and represent the Monroe County GOP in the county as well as with the state.
  • Be the liaison the Monroe County Republican Executive Committee (REC) NEEDS at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), advocating for our County REC to the State Party and relaying all pertinent information obtained from the RPOF back to the Monroe County REC in a timely and efficient manner

Together, we can restore the integrity of the Monroe County Republican Party and ensure that it remains a bastion of conservative values. I humbly ask for your support and your vote.

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Election Day

August 20, 2024
the Elect Michael Washam Campaign
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